Route Six Sigma: About Us


Dick Kelbaugh, Six Sigma's President and Principal Trainer Route Six Sigma provides trainers, mentors, business facilitators and on-line testing and instruction for all your Six Sigma requirements.

Dick Kelbaugh, principal trainer and President of Route Six Sigma, LLC, and his associates can offer a full range of Six Sigma services for you and your company.

The associates of Route Six Sigma come from manufacturing, logistics, commercial applications and the service industry. We have the right person for your Six Sigma requirements.

Dick is a Certified Master Black Belt. Dick trained over 3,500 GE Appliances employees and co-authored the GE Appliances Six Sigma Black Belt curriculum. He created the GE Appliances Six Sigma Toolkit and wrote advanced Six Sigma courses for GE Appliances.

Dick is an active speaker at regional American Society for Quality meetings and has served as a Board Member of, and presented numerous papers at national and regional conferences of, The Association for Quality and Participation. He has been published multiple times in the AQP Journal, and recently in Quality Digest.

Dick has trained and developed process improvement curricula since 1986 and holds a BS in Industrial Management from Purdue University and an MBA from Roosevelt University. He is an American Society for Quality Certified Quality Engineer. Route Six Sigma, LLC is a continuation of his career in quality with GE.



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