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Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Six Sigma Black Belt training is for the passionate improvement professional.  It is a 19-day project-based course designed to cover the body of knowledge for the ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt certification.  This is a lecture, lab, and application course designed to enable individual participants to gain a useable knowledge of basic data based decision-making tools and methodologies using the DMAIC model, and how to apply that knowledge to a business related problem.  The prime technology tool introduced is Minitab Statistical Analysis Software.

You will work on a problem from your workplace during the course of the class.  During each of the four weeks of class, you will make a presentation to the class on your project and will have a one on one session with an instructor.  Note:  A laptop computer with MiniTab is mandatory for the class.  For those without MiniTab, it is available for purchase the first day of class (with prior notification).

At the conclusion of the course, the student should be able to:

  1. Identify appropriate tools and methodologies for making data based decisions in a variety of business scenarios.
  2. Complete a full project using the DMAIC Six Sigma methodology.
  3. Demonstrate broad knowledge of the tools of Six Sigma through application and interpretation of output.

Course Overview

  • Define Phase
    • Six Sigma overview
    • Define overview
    • The “Voice of the Customer”
    • Scoping your project
    • Process mapping
    • Defining “Project Y”
    • Six Sigma with the operational team
    • The “Project Charter”
  • Measure Phase
    • Define review and project charters
    • Statistical concepts
    • Minitab – a tool for data analysis
    • Measure phase
    • Measurement system analysis
    • Planning initial data collection
    • Analyzing continuous & discrete data
    • Other non-normal data approaches
    • Alternate six sigma improvement processes
  • Analyze Phase
    • Measure review &  project presentations
    • Analyze phase overview
    • Hypothesis testing overview
    • Hypothesis testing - one sample, two sample, medians
    • Sample size and risk
    • Hypothesis testing - discrete
    • Analysis of variance (ANOVA)
    • Regression - one, multiple variables
    • Financial analysis
  • Improve Phase
    • Analyze review & project presentations
    • Improve phase overview
    • Design of experiments overview
    • Comparing two treatments
    • Full factorial experiments
    • Fractional factorial experiments
    • Planning an experiment
    • Alternative experimentation methods
    • Regression review
    • Response surface experiments
    • DOE class exercise
  • Control Phase
    • Control phase overview
    • Confirmation techniques
    • Control methods
    • Project closure
    • SPC
    • ASQ black belt certification

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