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Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Green Belts are individuals with corporate roles requiring less rigorous use of Six Sigma tools.  They are not dedicated full time to Six Sigma activities.  They may lead less complex six sigma projects (typically in their own functional area) using the DMAIC Six Sigma methodology (with basic problem solving tools) or participate on Six Sigma project teams as a team members.

This course will enable the attendee to identify appropriate tools and methodologies for making data based decisions in a variety of business scenarios and demonstrate broad knowledge of the basic tools of Six Sigma.  The Green Belt will also gain an awareness of the more advanced statistical tools. Green Belt training is ideal for senior leaders of the organization and other key personnel (ex. department heads, line managers, or senior individual contributors) that are not full time Six Sigma practitioners.

Who Should Attend

xecutive and senior level professionals who:

  • Are interested in Six Sigma
  • Want an introduction to Six Sigma thinking and methodologies
  • Are employees of an organization currently participating in Six Sigma

Course Overview

  • Define Phase
    • The “Voice of the Customer”
    • Process mapping
    • Defining “Project Y”
    • The “Project Charter”
    • Six Sigma projects
  • Measure Phase
    • Statistical concepts
    • Measurement system analysis overview
    • Data collection
    • Analyzing continuous data
    • Analyzing discrete data
    • Control Charting
  • Analyze Phase
    • Graphical analysis techniques
    • Hypothesis testing overview
    • Sample size and risk
    • Analysis of variance (ANOVA) overview
    • Regression overview
  • Improve Phase
    • Design of experiments overview
    • Corrective action generation and selection
    • FMEA
  • Control Phase
    • Confirmation techniques
    • Control methods
    • Project closure
    • SPC
    • Post assessment



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